We proudly present Ni Hao Bangalore, Bangalore's Own Mandarin School.

A meticulously designed 40 hour course enables you to speak Mandarin.

Ni Hao Bangalore is now a Premium Mandarin Education Provider with classroom training in a state of the art facility

We provide exclusive trainings for Corporates and also take up One on One requirements

We are in our 6th year into operation, We started our first batch in July 2010


Close to 700 students have completed their Mandarin Courses with us so far...

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Our faculty consists of Natives of China as well as experienced and well trained Indian teachers and 2 of them are HSK certified

Here are some quick facts about Mandarin

* Mandarin is spoken by more than a billion people all over the world and China is the 2nd largest economy in the world today.Mandarin is thus the language of the future.
* China is now the second largest economy in the world and the second largest trading partner of India. Knowing Mandarin will greatly increase one’s employment opportunities. 
* Gone are the days when Indians used to flock the Swiss Alps for holiday, China is now a top tourist destination. Knowing Mandarin will make the China experience even more beautiful.
* Software professionals who frequently travel to China on business will be able to acclimatize and perform much better by knowing Mandarin.

Whether you are a businessman, software professional, student, traveller Or you just wish to add Mandarin to your kitty of languages, NOW is the time to start..


Courses Offered at Ni Hao Bangalore

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